Ø i v i n d  H o l m


About the pictures

My aim is to depict man in his/her actions and the action itself related to life and environments. With observation and studies i get impressions of manīs patterns of action and distinctive character in various atmospheres and cultures. Through symbolic motives I search an expression which marks the emotional part of being, and of manīs conduct and strife for freedom. " The inner landscape" is in the very centre of the shaping of my paintings which imparts the extent of thoughts, and also contributes to a certain dramatic and colourful representation. Some experimentations using composition of colours, perspective and movement have resulted in the use of the dynamics in the tension of the horizon, sea and the sky. Manīs standing place among the elements and the strong emotional needs that come into being, all this produce an endless trade to the motives of my paintings.


Artistic activities

Since I started my artistic career that lead to wholetime occupation in studio business and study in existence onwards 1982, the message from the picture has been rather important in the shaping, and also to communicate with those spectators who feel associations and touch by the dimensions in expression. Some adresses of studios, also some study tours, my own study existence, formal studies, projects of collaboration, projects of multimedia, among them with sound, dancing, music connected with paintings / photographs / use of imagery, have resulted in an enlarged inspiration and lead to create a variation, intension, profundity, expression and shade. My pictures have during this period of my life been spread out to some homes domestic and abroad, also enterprises, public buildings, art societies within enterprises, being embellishments, benefactors of inspiration, eye catcher, variations, or contribution to an inspiring inner voyage and emancipation.